updated on 05 August 2022 | reading time: 2 minutes

Touch interface


All panels are shown closed by default. Pages, Layers, Libraries, and Symbols are located on the left, just like in the normal interface. 

Pages panel
Layers panel


Libraries panel


Symbols panel

Same as in the normal interface, the Page Appearance and Comments panels are located on the right, and are shown when there’s nothing selected on the canvas. 

Page Appearance panel


Comments panel

With an element selected on the canvas, the rest of the panels are displayed on the right. 


Align and Distribute panel


Transform panel


Appearance panel


Fills panel
Note: The options that are in the Advanced Fills Settings in the normal version (Fill rule options) appear as two icons on the Touch interface, right next to the Trashcan icon.


Borders panel


Effects panel

How to rearrange and change stacking orders

Similar to the normal interface, on Touch, to change the stacking order of a Layer, Page, Fill, Border or Effect, you need to drag and drop, but here you need to use a long-press to select before dragging. Select using long-press, then you’ll notice that the item you’re selecting will be highlighted in magenta. 

Then just drag it either to change the order: 

Or drag to place one layer inside another one: