updated on 05 August 2022 | reading time: 2 minutes

Design aids

View aids

View aids


Press / ALT +Enter to toggle fullscreen view. It hides or shows all interface elements, leaving only canvas visible. Alternatively, you can click View > Toggle Fullscreen . For more information, see View Menu.

Outline view

You can quickly remove all fills, borders, or effects to see only outlines of the objects on a canvas. Click View > Outline view .

Outline view in Corel Vector

FAST view

If your design contains several effects, the performance of Corel Vector can be affected. To avoid having to remove any effects, just toggle Fast View to temporarily reduce the quality of the effects on the canvas to get better app performance. Click View > Fast View.

Note: The reduced quality of effects with Fast View is only applied to what you see on the canvas. If you export or save your file, Fast View doesn’t affect the effect’s quality.

Clip content

You can toggle Clip content to hide or show objects outside the current canvas or page. This helps you preview the output result of your design.

Clip Content in Corel Vector

 To clip content:

  1. Click a blank area of the canvas to deselect everything and open the Page Properties panel.
    Page panel in Corel Vector
  2. On the Page Properties panel at the top of the Inspector panel, click the left-most button.
    Clip Content Button in Corel Vector