updated on 05 August 2022 | reading time: 2 minutes


Review and Approval Flow

The Design Review and Approval Flow is a feature that is very helpful for teams working on a shared file. With this, it’s possible to put your file through a whole process where your team leaves annotations, review the file, and either reopen the process or makes final approval of the file.

Reviewing the file

The Design Review and Approval flow start at the moment that Reviewers are added through the Share Dialog. On the Comments tab, under Current Status(1), In Review(2) will be checked.

Both the owner and Approvers can resolve comments made by other collaborators, besides their own.

Requesting approval

After adding collaborators with the Approver role, and all feedback on the file is addressed, the file owner can choose the option Request Approval. All Approvers will receive email notifications to let them know that all requested changes are done.

With that, the Approvers will see all options of the approval flow dropdown available. They can choose to approve the file, reopen it, or put it back to be reviewed again.

Reopening the file

The Approver can choose to reopen the file for the review process, in case the design still needs changes. In this case, the process starts again, going back to In Review.

Approving the file

If all the feedback is addressed and the final design is done, the Approvers can choose to make the final approval of the file, closing the process. After that, the comments are disabled, and the file is ready for the designer to export.

Status History

All the actions taken on the Approval flow(1) can be checked by clicking Status History(2) next to Current Status.