updated on 05 August 2022 | reading time: 3 minutes


Selecting objects

To select an object, activate the Pointer tool by pressing Vthen click the object. You can also click the object in the Layers panel.

select objects

To select multiple objects on the canvas, click and drag around the objects to marquee select them with the Pointer tool. The selected objects are highlighted. Release the mouse button to finish the selection. The selected objects have a blue outline with handles.

Holding down / SHIFT while clicking or dragging around objects adds them to the existing selection or removes them if they are already selected.

Alternatively, in the Layers panel you can:

  • / CTRL + click on the object name to select or deselect multiple objects one by one.
  • / SHIFT + click on the object name to start and finish continuous selection.

By default, all objects that are touched by the marquee are selected. If you want to select only objects that are completely inside the marquee, press / ALT while dragging.

select objects alternative

You to cycle through stacked objects by holding down / CTRL and clicking once to select to  object at the top of the stack, clicking again to select the next object in the stack, and so on. The selected object will be highlighted.

select objects ctrl

You can select overlapping objects by right-clicking the stack and choosing the objects you want selected from the list.


Tip: You can select locked objects.


Selecting child elements in a group

If an object is a group object (Group, symbol, or a compound shape), a click selects the group. A double-click selects an object within the group. You can skip the first click by enabling the Click-through this element check box in the Inspector panel when a group is selected.

Alternatively, for an object in a group, you can hold / CTRL to directly select an individual object in the group.

Select objects with the same fill color

You can select all objects that have the same solid color fill on the current page and change that color at the same time. Open the In Use tab in the color picker interface. Hold down / ALT + click a color swatch. All objects on the current page that have this fill color a briefly flash on the canvas. Now you can replace in all objects that it is used.

change colors


Note: This only for solid fill color on shapes on the current page, excluding text, borders, effects, gradients fills, and compound shapes.


Select text with the same font

You can select all the text boxes in the document that contain the same Font Family.

Right-click a text box and choose Select by Font Type. All text boxes that contain currently selected Font Family are selected on all pages. You can change the font in the Inspector panel. All the weights will be preserved if possible. For example, if you have several text boxes in Open Sans font with different weights (bold, italics) if the new font has them they will be used accordingly.

select by font

This works on all pages, groups, symbols, and compound shapes.