updated on 05 August 2022 | reading time: 1 minute



An object is any item that is placed on the canvas. All objects are listed in the Layers panel.

You can move, resize, rearrange, and stack objects. You can modify their properties, group them and combine them.

Although Corel Vector offers basic bitmap editing, most objects are vector graphics.

Vector graphics are based on mathematical formulas, offering advantages and flexibility in the editing process:

  • keeps the file size small
  • allows for editing precision — down to a fraction of a pixel
  • maintains fidelity when zooming in or out
  • allows for easy editing
  • results can be exported in multiple resolutions with no loss of quality
  • allows for advanced editing of multiple objects at the same time using shared styles, symbols, smart alignment, and more

Bounding box

When selected, any object displays a bounding box with outline nine transformation handles.

bounding box

The height and width of an object determine the size of its bounding box.


Note: Centered/Outside borders and some effects (such as shadows, glow) don’t affect the bounding box as they are rendered outside of it.