updated on 05 August 2022 | reading time: 2 minutes

Touch interface

Corel Vector’s Touch interface is fully adapted from the Desktop version, so you can move and design seamlessly from Mobile or touch-screen tablets and your laptop or desktop computer. For design on the go, you can use the native touch features on your tablet or mobile device. Design with vectors on your Microsoft Surface, iPad, Samsung Galaxy tablet, and more! 

System requirements

Corel Vector’s Touch interface is available for Android, iOS, ChromeOS, and laptops with a touch display. The orientation recommended is Landscape, and the minimum resolution required is 1024×768. In case you access an unsupported version, a warning message will be shown. 

Pen devices, such as the Apple Pencil, are supported. Please note that, for now, using both fingers and pen devices at the same time is not supported. 

Note: If you’re an iOS user, Safari is the browser that best supports the Touch version. 

How to switch to the Touch interface

If you’re using a laptop with a touchscreen and want to change to Corel Vector’s Touch UI, simply go to menu View(1) > Touch Interface(2). 

To disable it, go to the menu View(2) again (now located on the hamburger menu(1) at the top-left) and choose Disable Touch Interface(3). 

If you’re using a tablet, when accessing Corel Vector for the first time you will be prompted with the message It seems you’re using a touch-enabled device. Do you want to switch to the touch-optimized interface? You can switch to the touch interface at any time with ‘Touch Interface” in the ‘View’ menu. You can choose to toggle the option “Don’t show this again” for this dialog. 

As this message indicates, even while using a tablet device, you can choose to disable or enable the Touch interface at any time. 


The gestures are standard for using most touch devices – pinch to zoom in or out, drag with two fingers to pan around the canvas, and tap-and-hold (also known as long-press) for contextual menus.

Note: The gestures and other helpful information about the Touch UI can be found by clicking the “?” icon on the Assistance Bar, at the bottom of the screen.