updated on 05 August 2022 | reading time: 2 minutes

Organizing your designs

Clipping / Masking

Clipping / Masking is used to hide parts of one or several objects inside the boundaries of another object, which is used as a mask called a clipping object or clipping path. Clipping is a non-destructive action. You can move or edit the Clipped content.

You can use any single vector object or text as a clipping path.

clipping path

You can achieve clipping in several ways in Corel Vector:

Using clip selection

To clip one or several objects inside a clipping path:

  1. Put the clipping path below all objects you want clipped.
  2. Select objects to be clipped and the clipping path.
  3. Click the Clip button or in the menu Modify > Clip Selection
  4. All the objects will be placed inside the bottommost object. Any part that falls outside is hidden.

clip content

Using Mask with Shape

  1. Place the clipping path above objects that you want to clip
  2. Select objects to be clipped and the clipping path.
  3. Click on Mask with Shape in the context menu, / CTRL + / SHIFT + M or in the main menu Modify > Mask with Shape.

mask with shape

Using the Layers panel

  1. In the Layers panel, drag the objects to be clipped above the clipping path.

clip in layers

Note: If the clipped content doesn’t fully cover the clipping path area, the fill is visible. The border of the clipping path is visible above the clipped content.

Using Paste Inside Selection

  1. Copy objects to be clipped in the clipboard.
  2. Select the clipping path.
  3. Choose Edit > Paste > Paste Inside Selection.
  4. The content of the clipboard is placed on the top-left corner of the Clipping path.


Tip: Drag on top of the Clipping path while holding  / CTRL key. Note that this method works only for clipping images.


  1. Select the object to be clipped.
  2. Hold down the / CTRL key and drag it over the border of the clipping path.
  3. When the clipping path is highlighted, release the mouse.

clip drag shortcut