updated on 05 August 2022 | reading time: 2 minutes

Tools and menus

File menu

File menu

The File menu in Corel Vector is a primary method for starting a new document, opening a file, saving files, importing images and fonts, and printing.

  • New design (1) opens the New Document panel.
  • New design from template (2) opens the New From Template tab in the New Document panel.
  • New from Clipboard (3) starts a new document with an object that you’ve copied.
  • Open file (4) lets you browse for a file from your desktop.
  • Open from Cloud (5) allows you to choose a file from Cloud storage.
  • Open recent (6) lets you choose from a drop-down of recent files.
  • Save (7) lets you save your progress.
  • Save to file (8) lets you save your progress as a separate file, which is useful if you want to save iterations of your work.
  • Save to Cloud (9) saves the file to your cloud storage.
  • Show Version History (10) opens a Version History panel with current and previous versions of the file that you can preview and restore.


  • Import (11) opens a sub-menu for various tasks:

    1. Place Image embeds an image into the document.
    2. Link Image creates a link of an image in Corel Vector. The image itself is located on the desktop. All third-party changes would be reflected inside the Corel Vector.
    3. Add Font lets you place fonts into the Imported Fonts section. These fonts may or may not be installed into the system itself.


  • Export (12) opens sub-menu for various tasks:

    1. Export – opens the Export as panel where you can choose file format options
    2. PNG Image – exports in a .PNG file format
    3. JPEG image – exports in a .JPEG file format
    4. Scalable Vector Graphics – exports in an SVG file format
    5. Compressed SVG – exports in an SVGZ file format
    6. PDF Document (.pdf) at 72dpi – exports a PDF


  • Print (13) is currently unavailable. You can export a PDF to print from a PDF reader.