updated on 05 August 2022 | reading time: 2 minutes


Property Panel


The Property Panel (2) is located in the top of the Inspector Panel between the Align Panel (1) and Appearance Panel (3).


The Property Panel contains information about the essential properties of an object:

  1. Position (1)
  2. Size (2)
  3. Angle (3)

You can easily change a specific property by typing inside the text fields opposite to it.

It also contains the Transform Button (1) for more advanced object manipulations and a set of the Anchor Panel (2) to create responsive designs.

Object’s Position

The X and Y fields represent a position of an object according to the top-left corner of the canvas.

Type inside these fields to change the value of the position. Use the X field to move an object across the X-axis and the Y field to move across the Y-axis.

Object’s Size

W and H fields give you information about the object’s width and height respectively.

You can change them by typing inside the text fields.

To keep the proportions between width and height select the Keep Ratio icon in between these fields.


Note: pixels are default units of measurement in Corel Vector. You can select the units of measurement from the drop-down menu in the Start Screen Panel as well as in the Document panel after the file is created.


Tip: Use the Scroll mouse button or Up and Down keyboard arrows keys to change the values inside the text fields by step of 1 unit.


Object’s Angle

To rotate an object by a specific angle type inside the Angle text field.

Use positive values to rotate an object clockwise and negative to rotate it counterclockwise.