updated on 08 August 2022 | reading time: 2 minutes

Tools and menus

Help Menu

The Help Menu marks the end of the Menu bar in Corel Vector, but it’s usually the first item you are visiting after installing or updating the Corel Vector.

Get Corel Vector in your language

You can run Corel Vector in your native language. Corel Vector is available in 14 languages:

English Chinese Traditional
Portuguese Chinese simplified
German Turkish
Japanese Czech
Russian Italian
Spanish Polish
French Dutch

So head over to Help/Languages to pick your language.

Then refresh the Corel Vector app to commit the changes.

restart the app

Request New Feature

If you have a feature or improvement ideas, you can share them with us by clicking on the Request New Feature option in the Help menu. This will send you to our UpVoty section where you can not only propose new features but vote for already suggested features from other users.

Update Corel Vector

You can check for updates by going to Help/Check for updates.

Corel Vector will push the message to the bottom of the document

Update message


Learn more about the app

If you are looking for more information about Corel Vector, take a look at Help/Learn to learn the basics in the User guide(1), watch some Youtube tutorials(2), or search the Corel Vector’s blog(3) for more in-depth tutorials and inspirations. At the Learn menu, you can also enable or disable the Enhanced Tooltips(4), which show short snippets briefly describing the functionality of the main tools, along with links to the relevant parts of this user guide and for some cases even short videos. Through this menu, you can also access the Example Files(5).

Seek help

Support menu

If you get stuck, head over to the Help/Support/Contact us to visit Corel Vector’s support page.

To shade more light on your problem use Send developer details and save the .txt document. Now visit the support page and provide this file.

Send developer details

Beta Feedback

On the Beta version of Corel Vector, the Help menu has an extra option, Beta Feedback. On the submenu, you can find the option to give your feedback about the Beta version on Corel Vector’s forum, and the option to open a ticket by submitting a form with details about your issue.