updated on 05 August 2022 | reading time: 3 minutes

Organizing your designs

Shared styles

Styles are sets of reusable object properties that are saved for later use, such as Fills, Borders, Effects and text properties. They give you the ability to make design changes quickly. They help maintain design consistency.

If you change properties of an object with an applied shared style, the change is reflected in all other objects that share the same style. Corel Vector doesn’t sync styles automatically, but you can sync them with a click of a button.

Create a shared style

To create a new shared style, open the Style drop-down on the Appearance panel.


Select Create New Shared Style from the drop-down.

Create a new shared style option

The Style Creator (1) dialog opens, where you can set a name (2) of the shared style and control the style’s properties (3).

Style Creator Dialo box

Style — this includes the object’s Blending mode and opacity

Fill — all applied fills and their properties

Border — all applied borders and their properties

Effects — all applied effects and their properties

TextCharacter and Paragraph properties – Font Family (Typeface), Font style (Bold, Italic, etc.), Font Size, Color, Paragraph Alignment (Left, Center, Right, and Justify), Letter Spacing (Tracking), Word Spacing, Line Height (Leading). Text properties are selected automatically when a text object is selected.

Styles usually contain all object properties. However, controlling what properties are synced can be very helpful in situations when you only want to keep certain parts of a design consistent. For example, you can keep effects in sync, but having different fills and borders.

Note: A shared style can be updated by new objects. Once you create a shared style, its properties would be reflected in the new objects.
Shared styles are inherited

Apply a graphic style

After a shared style is created, you can apply it to other objects. Select an object or a group of objects, then open the Style drop-down.

Shared style Dropdown

Select the name of the shared style.

Select shared style

All effects and properties are transported from one object to another.

Sync a shared style

After you change an object;’s properties, you can change the shared style by clicking the Sync button.

Sync shared style

All changes are reflected in objects with the same shared style.

Reflect the changes to other objects

Note:  Shared styles are synced only within a single document.

Manage a shared style

To delete, rename or edit a shared style, select Organize Shared Style in the style drop-down.

Style Organizer option

The Style Organizer dialog opens displaying all available shared styles.

Style Organizer

Hover over a style to display the delete (2) and edit (3) icons.


Tip: If you want to copy a shared style to another document, select an object with that style applied, and copy and paste it in the new document. The style is transferred with the object. You can delete the pasted object without affecting the shared style.