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(1) Save: save active file / CTRL + S

(2) Undo: negate the last operation. / CTRL + Z

(3) Extended Undo history: track each action in a list

(4) Redo: re-apply an action that was undone  / SHIFT + / CTRL + Z

(5) Decrease zoom level: lower magnification / CTRL + minus sign

(6) Select a preset zoom level: double-click to enter a custom zoom level

(7) Increase zoom level: increase magnification / CTRL + plus sign

(8) Fit All:  fit view to all objects in the viewport (inside and outside of the canvas/page)

(9) Pan and Zoom tools: use the Pan tool to move around the canvas and the Zoom tool to magnify the an area of the viewport.

(10) Snap on/off and snapping options

(11) Selection tools

(12) Shape tools: use for creating basic preset shapes like Straight Lines, Rectangles and Rounded rectangles, Ellipses and Circles, Polygons, Triangles, and Stars

(13) Drawing tools: make your own shapes using the Pen tool, Bezigon, and Freehand tools

(14) Reshaping tools: cut or carve an existing path or shape

(15) Text tool: add text boxes

(16) Place or Link Image: insert or link images in the design

(17) Flip Horizontal: mirror selected objects over the horizontal axis

(18) Flip Vertical: mirror selected objects over the vertical axis

(19) Rotate 90° left (counterclockwise): rotate selected objects to left

(20) Rotate 90° right (clockwise): rotate selected objects to right

(21) Group: group selected objects

(22) Ungroup: ungroup selected groups or compound shapes

(23) Create Compound Shape:  combine multiple shapes into one

(24) Clip: place all selected objects inside the boundaries of another object

(25) Bring Forward: move selected objects up one position in stacking order

(26) Send Backward: move selected objects down one position

(27) Create Symbol: convert selection into a reusable master symbol

(28) Convert to Path

(29) Vectorize Border convert a border of the selection into a filled shape

(30) Export: – open the export dialog

To learn more about Corel Vector tools, see the Tools Section.