updated on 05 August 2022 | reading time: 2 minutes


Collaborator roles

Collaborator roles

When sharing a file, either through the public or private link, a role must be attributed to the collaborator. Each role has different permissions and restrictions.

A message is displayed at the bottom, indicating which role the collaborator currently has. If the role is changed, this message will appear again informing the change of roles.


Collaborators with the Viewer role can only visualize the design on the file. Viewers don’t have access to the Comments tab and so, they can’t see or leave comments or annotations. Viewers also get a simplified interface(1), with some limitations, such as not being able to inspect elements on the canvas, save, download, or export from the shared file.

Viewers can’t see who else is accessing the file at that moment.

Note: The simplified interface consists of the essential tools for the roles with limited permissions, such as Pan and Zoom, and access to all the Pages of that file.


Collaborators with the Developer have no access to the Comments tab and therefore can’t access or leave annotations, but they see the complete interface instead of the simplified view. Developers can select elements on the canvas to inspect and modify them, can export from the file, and save/download a copy, although they can’t save modifications to the original shared file.

Developers also can’t see who else is accessing the file at that moment.


Collaborators with the Reviewer role have access to the simplified interface and to the Comments tab, so they can leave comments and annotations and see the avatars of other collaborators online at that moment. Reviewers can’t select or inspect elements on the canvas and have no permission to save, download, or export.

Related to the Design Approval Flow, Reviewers can resolve, edit, or delete their own comments.


Similar to Reviewers, the Approvers see a simplified interface and can leave comments and annotations on the Comments tab, with no permission to inspect elements, save, download or export.

Besides being able to resolve, edit or delete their own comments, Approvers can also resolve all comments and annotations on the file, and make the final approval on the Design Approval flow.


Note: the file owner is the only one with “unlimited power”, being able to change the roles of the collaborators at any time, and resolve or delete any and all comments.