updated on 05 August 2022 | reading time: 2 minutes


File tabs

All open files have a file tab at the top right of the interface. Tabs let you quickly switch from one open document to another.

File Tabs

  • (1) File tab of a locally saved file
  • (2) Active file tab. The design has unsaved changes. Note the asterisk * after the filename.
  • (3) File saved in the cloud. Note the Corel Vector Cloud icon after the filename.

You can close any file by clicking the (×) icon next to the filename.

Some of the most commonly used file operations are listed directly in the contextual menu shown on every file tab:

File tabs - contextual menu

  • (1) Rename file
  • (2) Save: saves the current file with the same name and location
  • (3) Save as…: allows saving the current file with a new name, location, or both
  • (4) Share: opens Share dialog. Only available for files saved to Corel Vector Cloud
  • (5) Show Version History: opens Version History inspector. Only available for files saved to Corel Vector Cloud
  • (6) Advanced Export…: opens Advanced Export dialog
  • (7) Duplicate: duplicates current document
  • (8) Close Other Files; closes all other opened documents except currently selected
  • (9) Close All: closes all opened files

You can rearrange file tabs by dragging.

If all file tabs don’t fit in the top bar, you can assess them by clicking the chevron to the right of the file abs (1):

Tabs Chevron