updated on 05 August 2022 | reading time: 1 minute

Tools and menus

Becoming familiar with the terminology and workspace of Corel Vector will help you follow the concepts and procedures in the documentation.

The Menu bar is the backbone of any design editor. In Corel Vector, it is located on the top of the document and contains the following five menus:

  1. File menu
  2. Edit menu
  3. Modify menu
  4. View menu
  5. Help menu

The toolbar

Practically everything you do with Corel Vector will rely on the use of tools. To modify an object, you need to select it first with the Selection tools. To create a new object, you would need either the Drawing or Shape tools.

In addition, you can alter your objects and create more attractive designs with the collection of Other tools in Corel Vector.

Understanding the capabilities of each tool will help you to streamline your workflow.

  1. Selection tools
  2. Drawing tools
  3. Shape tools
  4. Other tools