updated on 05 August 2022 | reading time: 2 minutes

Design aids



Grids are design aids that allow you to manually snap or align objects and anchor points, making it easy to keep consistent positioning and sizing in your designs. Corel Vector provides two types of grids — Rectangular and Isometric.

To use the grid:

  1. Ensure the Grid is displayed by pressing / CTRL + / ALT +G or click View > Canvas > Show Grid
    The Snap to Grid option is available in the Snap submenu of the View Menu)
  2. Click a blank area of the canvas to deselect everything. The Document panel opens at the bottom of the Inspector panel.

Note:  To deselect everything, click Edit > Deselect All or press   / CTRL + / SHIFT +A.
  1. In the Grid section (2) of the Document panel, you can set grid options:  Rectangular (radio button On(1)) or Isometric ( radio button Isometric(2) ) grid.
    Grid Section of the Document Panel
  2. You can modify grid settings:
    1. Grid size for both Width (1) and Height (2).
      Grid width and height in Corel Vector
    2. Angles text fields (1,2) for Isometric Grid only.
      Isometric Grid Settings in Corel Vector
  3. Ensure Snap to Grid (2) is enabled in the Snap drop-down(1) of the View Menu.
    Snap to grid in Corel Vector

    Note: Grids are only visible inside the Corel Vector viewport and won’t be exported or printed.

Here are some useful settings for Isometric grid settings:

  1. Isometric (30°, -30°)
  2. 1:2 Isometric (27°,-27°)
  3. Dimetric (15°,-15°)
  4. Oblique (45°, -45°)
  5. 2:1 Triangular (27°,-27°)
  6. Horizontal triangular (60°,-60°)

For more information about isometric design in Corel Vector, see: