updated on 05 August 2022 | reading time: 2 minutes

Touch interface

Touch and standard version differences

Even though Corel Vector’s Touch version is fully adapted from the normal version, some functionalities and features need to be adapted to using fingers and pen devices instead of a mouse. Here’s a list of the main differences you should be aware of. 

How to use the Color Picker

While in the normal interface, after you click the color picker to choose a color from the canvas, you just need to take the mouse pointer from one point to another and then click to choose a color, with the Touch UI it’s a bit different. 

Here, after you selected the color picker, you need to press it and hold while dragging it around the canvas. Drop it once the picker is hovering the color of your choice:


Keep-ratio handle

Each selected shape has normal handles and a “keep-ratio” handle, located at the bottom right, signalized by a lock icon. 

While the other handles won’t keep the ratio of the shape if you use them to resize, the keep-ratio handle will lock it maintaining the element’s proportion: